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Business Web Site: 4 page web site complete, with home page, about you page, 3rd page (optional) and contact page  $150.00 for as long as you own your business,
with a $20.00 per month security, server space, domain & maintenance fee. The other guys charge $500.00 and up just to build your website, but we are not greedy. 

eCommerce Web Site: $300.00 for as long as you own your business, with a $50.00 to $70.00 a month server space & maintenance fee, includes Domain, gate way, credit card processor, store front and shopping cart.

1 Page Web Site: 1 page with your contact & location info, $100.00 with a $25.00 per month security,server space, domain & maintenance fee.  

And unlike a lot of web designers, we don't disappear after we build your site. We check you site every month to insure it is working correctly and we are just a phone call away 7 days a week.
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Up Dates only $30.00 per hour

Set up E mail N/C

Slide Shows added to site $30.00 up to 5 pictures, additional pictures $5.00 per picture

Ad links to your site $5.00 per link

Link your site to your face book page $5.00

Additional pages $30.00 per hour to build

Credit card server added to page $30.00 like Pay Pal

Add a chat room to your site $30.00

Add video files $30.00 per file

Add site search $30.00 with free updates once a month

Most music files added $30.00 a file

Rotating cubes with your choice of pictures $28.00

Most forms, embedding and form set up $40.00
Some forms may cost you $15.00 to $20.00 a month depending on the form host

Domain reinstatement if deleted and if Domain is still available $30.00

Additional Meeting time $30.00 per hour

Web Site or Store Front training $30.00 per hour

 Web Site Pricing