Floyds Pages
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This site has its own internal search engine, that searches just this site not the word wide web so you have a better  chance of your ad being found. All ads sit on this site and we pay the server space for your ad. We promote your ad free in many different ways.

1. We have 2 company vehicles that run the roads of North and South Carolina that look like bill boards on the back that drive people to this site.

2. We promote your ads while we promote this site.

3. This site is listed with all the major search engines on the web.

4. We are listed with most social media sites. 

5. We place out road signs through out North and South Carolina

6. We are linked to many sites on the internet through links and pop up banners that lead back to this site.

7. We go to about 20 businesses a day to advertise our site, and at the top of those businesses is a owner that may be looking for products and services as well. 

8. We do door to door sales on the weekend to inform the general public of our services and advertisers  

9. We also do internet solicitations to 20 to 30 businesses a day.

10. Word of mouth is our biggest advertisement. 

11. We leave business cards in every nook & cranny.